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Rent-A-Butch is a handyservice by and for queer people offering moving, hauling, landscaping, cleaning, and odd job services to the queer community of Portland, OR and surrounding areas. Rent-A-Butch was started on the philosophy that queer people deserve to feel comfortable with the handyworkers who come into their homes! So many queer people, including ourselves, hesitate to hire handyservice workers for fear that we are inviting unsafe straights into our spaces. With Rent-A-Butch, queer people can feel at ease knowing that their handyservice worker is a queer person who will respect and celebrate their identities. 

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Meet the RENT-A-BUTCH Team


Jasper is our handy and helpful LHBIC (long-haired butch in charge) with lots of experience in moving, hauling, landscaping, cleaning, and odd jobs.  


Sage is the administration, scheduling, billing, and marketing femme for Rent-A-Butch! If you send us a job request, you'll be hearing from her. 


Heidi is the professional painter and silver fox of Rent-A-Butch. Need something painted? She can take care of it!


Jane is the woodworker and leatherworker of Rent-A-Butch! Whether you need to fix your shelves or your boots, she's got your back.